Motorola RAZR V3m Review & Info

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Motorola RAZR V3m Specs

Screen Display: 176x220 pixels, TFT LCD, 65,100 colors
Size: 53 x 98 x 13 mm
Memory: 40 MB internal, 2 GB microSD slot
Ringtones: Polyphonic, MP3
Camera: VGA resolution

Motorola RAZR V3m Review

The Motorola RAZR V3m has a very polished, sleek design, making it popular on almost all markets. As with the majority of Motorola phones, this one's a looker.

Sadly, the V3m doesn't pass as a good Mp3 phone. Actually I should call it a WMA phone, since MP3s must be converted to WMA for playback. Sound quality is okay at best, and expect to pay extra to get yourself earphones and compatible USB cable. Yup, it doesn't come with the phone!

The music playback features of the phone is not the only one that is lacking. The camera is terrible, being there's no flash. You can't send email either on this phone, or use Instant Messaging.

The rest of the Motorola RAZR V3m is good. It sends messages and you can call friends with it. Just don't expect it to be a good mp3 player.

Motorola RAZR V3m Video