02 Cocoon Review & Info

Friday, December 5, 2008

02 Cocoon Specs

Launched: August 2007
Screen Display: 320x240 pixels, 18 bits
Size: 49 x 94 x 21 mm
Weight: 114 g
Memory: 2 MB Internal, 2 GB via microSD
Music Player: AAC, AAC+, WMA, MP3 and WAV
Camera: 2.0 MP

02 Cocoon Review

If retro is your style, then the 02 Cocoon is the right mp3 phone for you. This is what cellular phones would've looked like in the 60's and 70's.

The 02 Cocoon is a clamshell phone that reeks of retro in its curves and colors. The inside of it is another story though. It looks to "old" for me, and I believe they should've spent a little more time improving it. Also, the phone is a little on the bulky side, but not many people would be turned off by it.

What impressed me the most is the Cocoon's LED lights. Seen on the phone's front cover, the blue LED lights has several functions. It brights up whenever there's a call coming in and shows you the name of the caller. The same goes with text messages. When you're using its music player, it will also display the track's artist and title. A very nice touch indeed.

The 02 Cocoon has dedicated music keys on the side, and has quite loud speakers. It only has 2 MB of internal memory, though, so expect to buy a microSD card. One thing I have to note is that the 02 has a custom headphone socket. Sure, the phone comes with a headset, but you'll need to use an adaptor if you want to use your own.

All in all, the 02 Cocoon is a very good mp3 phone. It has style and has the features to back it up.

02 Cocoon Video